Today's news will have been hugely disappointing for the vast majority of you in England, but not unexpected, following the toughening of the restrictions in Tiers 2 and 3 outlined earlier this week.

The devastation for your trade in Tier 2 and 3 is clear to see. Whilst those of you with useable outside space were able to trade to a reasonable level in the warmer months, the winter weather will make hosting people from different households difficult at best, and impossible for many.

The relaxation of curfew will mean little to those of you in Tier 2 as our sector will now be faced with a crippling level of reduced trade across the board, whilst those in Tier 3 are expected to be closed for the entirety of the vital Christmas and New Year trading period.

We are absolutely focussed on our demands on Government to provide the necessary support to get your pubs through to Spring in all areas of the UK:

  • Enhanced grants - these need to be at the same level or greater as they were in the first lockdown. They are currently between 20 and 30% of what you were entitled to during that period.
  • Compensation - your businesses need to be compensated for the sales you will lose as a result of these closures and strangling restrictions.
  • Business support for 2021 - clarity that Business Rates will be postponed until 2022 and an extension of the VAT reduction for the coming year. We are also calling for the VAT cut to be applied to alcohol served in licensed on trade venues.

The alternative for our vibrant and viable sector is unthinkable. Employment in local communities will collapse, businesses will be destroyed and families left destitute as you stand to lose not only your livelihoods, but also in many cases, your homes.

Now we have clarity on which tiers your pubs fall into within England, we will continue to provide clear and actionable information on operating guidance and access to business support. We will also continue to provide full guidance and support for all areas of the UK.

The essential community value that you deliver is immeasurable.

Alongside our call for business support, we will continue to shout as loudly as we can about the incredible positivity in our industry, recognising you as the Hearts of your Communities. You are vital to this country and we will unashamedly do everything in our power to deliver that message to those making decisions that affect our communities, pubs and local people.

Our recent National Innovation in Training Awards has highlighted, once again, the excellence in our industry - an industry that cares for its people, gives them opportunities they cannot find in any other sector and makes us incredibly proud to represent such amazing people.

Our Heart of the Community Award has almost reached the 100 mark, recognising those pubs and their people who are dedicated to the support and care of their local communities. We want YOU to tell us about what you have done for your community.

We are taking every last winner's story to Government, via their local MPs and telling the nation about why pubs are so very special.

Our call to Government continues to be clear and concise. Act now to save livelihoods and the heritage of our country's pubs, or lose them forever.

We are in constant communication with those at the heart of Government and will continue to update you on the progress of the rescue package of measures that we are demanding.

Steven Alton



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