Dear Ellie

We start this year with the not unexpected news of a nationwide lockdown and all of our pubs firmly shut. We have been directly engaging with Government over the last few months, calling for the necessary further business support to safeguard your pubs. We have made a consistent and clear case for this investment in our sector, that is able to restart rapidly when restrictions are lifted.

Our case has been made based upon the significant economic contribution that our pubs make to the Treasury as well as the high levels of employment that we are able to support locally. We have also taken every opportunity to promote the critical role of pubs and their contribution to their local communities, through our own BII Heart of the Community Award and our recent #PubsMatter campaign.

We welcome the announcement from the Chancellor today on further grant support, recognising the significant financial impact these closures have had on our sector. We have been engaging directly with the Chancellor, Ministers and Government officials on the critical importance of realistic grants, as part of an essential package of support to allow you to rebuild your businesses once restrictions are eased.

We acknowledge the additional grants are not at the full level that we requested from the Chancellor, however we are pleased that all of our pubs, no matter their rateable value, are able to take advantage of the new grants. We also continue to focus on the longer term support that will be needed, specifically including a further extension of the business rates holiday for 2021 and a continuation of the reduced VAT for the coming year, including an extension to alcoholic drinks.

The critical next step for reopening our pubs is to continue working closely with Government to agree a clear roadmap to make this happen. We will keep you fully updated on progress in this area, to ensure you have as much notice as possible to plan the reopening of your pubs.

Throughout the course of this crisis, we have all been inspired by the fantastic work that you have done to keep your customers and teams safe, whilst delivering a great hospitality experience despite all of the hurdles placed in your way, as well as remaining the hubs of your communities.

Many of the incredible stories from the past year are highlighted in the Winter 2021 edition of the BII News which is landing on your doorsteps as we speak.

You all deserve an incredibly successful 2021, relaunching and rebuilding your businesses. We will continue to do all that we can to support you in making this happen.

Steven Alton


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